Laboratory for Biotronic Engineering @ OSU 

Postdoc Position in Biotronic Engineering

As a highly interdisciplinary team, we are pioneering the science and engineering of biologic circuits, devices and systems for biomedical research and medical applications. Currently, we are seeking for a self-motivated postdoctoral candidate with a strong background in genetic/genome engineering, molecular & cell biology, synthetic biology, cellular neuroscience, or any related field.


Desirable technical skills:

  1. Rat embryonic and postnatal cell harvesting and culturing
  2. rDNA plasmid design, lentiviral vector packaging, and in vitro transfection
  3. Immunostaining, fluorescent/confocal imaging, and calcium imaging
  4. Flow cytometry and cell sorting
  5. Other relavent molecular & cell biology techniques

Additional preferred technical skills:

  1. Cell micropatterning
  2. Microfluidics fabrication
  3. Neuroelectrophysiology, in vitro neuronal recording and stimulation
  4. Smal animal microsurgery

Interested candidates should contact Prof. Liang Guo (guo.725[AT] and include a cover letter and curriculum vitae in a single PDF file.